The 13th 

Southern Plant Conference – Held in Conjunction with SNA 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014     8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Georgia International Convention Center
2000 Convention Center Concourse, International Ballroom, Salon 2
Atlanta, GA 30337

The 13th SOUTHERN PLANT CONFERENCE, sponsored by HIP Labels and Plant Development Services, will feature a stellar cast of speakers... The brightest minds in horticulture come together to share their knowledge and insight on the best new plants for growers, landscapers and retailers. It's a RARE opportunity you won't want to miss!

The SOUTHERN PLANT CONFERENCE is a unique experience you won't soon forget. A room filled with 15 of the industry's top plant experts sharing their vast knowledge and latest discoveries of the hottest new plants for 8 hours of action-packed, eye-opening drama.
Hold on to your hats for this extraordinary experience as world renown plantsman Don Shadow orchestrates this unique symphony... There's nothing quite like it!

CEUs applied for with ISA, PLANET, FNGLA, GGIA, TXNLA, VNLA and other associations within the region. (See details below.)

The 13th Southern Plant Conference is 
Sponsored by


Don't miss this RARE opportunity as the brightest minds in horticulture come together to share their knowledge and insight on the best new plants for growers, landscapers and retailers.
For speaker information and program details, CLICK HERE. (See pages 6 & 7).
Who will be the 2014 Don Shadow Award of Excellence Recipient? See below.
 The 13th Southern Plant Conference

Scheduled for Tuesday, July 22, during SNA 2014, this conference will feature a stellar cast of speakers. It's a Who's Who of Horticulture. Don Shadow, SNA Past President and internationally recognized plantsman, will once again guide you on a quest to find new plants for your business.

The SOUTHERN PLANT CONFERENCE provides the perfect platform for the grower, landscaper and retailer to come together for a glimpse at exciting new plants coming to market. This fast-paced session, ​filled with loads of takeaways, boasts the best and hottest new plant varieties coming to market in the next season, and provides a unique opportunity to discover new production techniques and a vast array of new plants, with focus on new and superior cultivars, the most resistant, prolific blooming, superior shape or habit, and the most interesting flower or foliage.

8 hours of action-packed adventure with 15 plant enthuiasists, authors, botanical garden directors, professors, and world travelers – and special guest speaker, Michael Steinhardt, coined Wall Street's greatest trader now world plant collector, will have any plant lover's adreneline pumping as you witness their vast knowledge and insight on plants.

Discover new varieties, examine new methods and proven techniques as the South's leading authorities on plants come together for this dynamic, action-packed event!

Registration required. Registration $179 by July 18. $199 after July 18. Continental breakfast, lunch and breaks provided, and a chance to "mix and mingle" with these bright minds! To register for the SOUTHERN PLANT CONFERENCE, Click Here.

 Southern Plant Conference Schedule

 7:30am -  8:30am  Registration  Main Lobby
 8:30am -  9:00am  Introductions  Don Shadow
 9:00am -  9:25am  Session 01 Michael Steinhardt 
 9:30am -  9:55am   Session 02 Richard Hesselein
10:00am - 10:25am  Session 03  Jeff Bealsey
10:35am - 11:00am  Break  
 10:25am   10:35am  Session 04  Tim Brotzman 
- 11:30am
 Session 05 Randy Davis 
11:35am 12:00pm  Session 06 Donna Fare 
12:00pm  1:00pm  Lunch &  Award Presentation
 1:00pm  1:25pm  Session 07  Pete Kruger
 1:30pm  1:55pm  Session 08 Aaron Floden
 2:00pm  2:25pm  Session 09 Buddy Lee
 2:25pm  2:35pm  Break  
 2:35pm  3:00pm  Session 10 Bill Hendricks
 3:05pm  3:30pm  Session 11  Alex Neubauer
 3:35pm  4:00pm  Session 12  Barry Yinger
 4:05pm   4:30pm  Session 13  Todd Lasseigne
 4:35pm -  5:00pm  Session 14  Mark Weathington
 5:05pm -  5:30pm  Session 15  Michael Dirr
 6:00pm   7:00pm  Mix & Mingle

For a complete schedule for printing, Click Here.

SNA 2014 Education CEUs

SNA 2014 offers a wide variety of education for the grower, landscaper and retailer. A total of 14 hours of education and CEU credits are available for The Southern Plant Conference, The SNA Research Conference, and the Special Retail and Landscape Sessions.

CEUs Approved by
The Southern Plant Conference, Retail and Landscape Educational Sessions, and The SNA Research Conference are all approved for PLANET Landscape Industry Certified recertification at 1 CEU per hour of instruction attended. For more information on PLANET recertification, please visit PLANET’s Recertification Center at

FNGLA Certified Professionals earn CEUs by attending SNA and its educational programs.
SNA Trade Show - 2 CEUs
Southern Plant Conference - 4 CEUs
Retail/Landscape Sessions - 2 CEUs per day
SNA Research Conference - 4 CEUs per day

For more information on FNGLA’s certification programs visit

The following CEUs are approved by the TCNP program for SNA 2014:
Southern Plant Conference - 8 CEUs
SNA Research Conference - 8 CEUs
Retail/Landscape Sessions - 2 CEUs per session
For more information on the Texas Certified Nursery Professional (TCNP) Program visit

CEU Approval Pending by

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)
Georgia Green Industry Association
Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association

The 13th Southern Plant Conference is 
Sponsored by

 The Don Shadow Award of Excellence

The Don Shadow Award of Excellence, named for the first recipient, Don O. Shadow, Shadow Nursery, Winchester, TN, will be presented at the Southern Plant Conference to an individual, corporation or organization that has provided exemplary service, leadership and generosity in the development, promotion and use of new and improved landscape plants. Recipients must demonstrate a sincere commitment to and passion for expanding knowledge and use of new and improved plants for the landscape. 

In naming the award for Don Shadow, the SNA also recognizes Mr. Shadow as one of the primary driving forces behind the success of the Southern Plant Conference and the program’s commitment to providing top industry plant experts. This year is no exception.

The Don Shadow Award of Excellence will be presented at the 2014 Southern Plant Conference.

Previous award recipients include:

Don Shadow, Shadow Nursery, Winchester, TN

Rick Crowder, Hawksridge Farms, Hickory, NC

  Cast of Speakers Includes:

Jeff Beasley
Transplant Nursery
Lavonia, GA
Native Azaleas and What Does That Plant Cost You?

Tim Brotzman
Brotzman’s Nursery
Madison, OH
New and Useful Selections from a Northern Perspective, Part 1

Randy Davis
Greenleaf Nursery
Park Hill, OK
Garden Debut® MVP’s –
SEC Style

Dr. Michael Dirr
Plant Introductions
Bogart, GA
In Search of the Next
Great Shade Tree


Dr. Donna Fare
US National Arboretum
McMinnville, TN
Performance of Yellow Flowering Magnolias in Tennessee

Aaron Floden
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN
Beyond Polygonatums
odoratum ‘variegatum’


Bill Hendricks
Klyn Nurseries
Perry, OH
New and Useful Selections from
a Northern Perspective, Part 2


Richard Hesselein
Pleasant Run Nursery
Allentown, NJ
My Favorite Magnolias

Pete Krueger
Ball Horticulture
West Chicago, IL
New and Useful Plants for 2016
  Dr. Todd Lasseigne
Tulsa Botanical Garden
Tulsa, OK
Rocking the Casbah:  
New Plants that Break the Rules


Buddy Lee
Transcend Nursery & PDSI
Independence, LA
New Plants on the Horizon

Alex Neubauer
Hidden Hollow Nursery
Belvidere, TN
New and Useful Selections
from a Southern Perspective


Mark Weathington
JC Raulston Arboretum
Raleigh, NC
Stunning Scheffleras and Elegant Edgeworthias - Southern Gardens Don’t Do Dormant


Barry Yinger
Star Roses & Plants
West Grove, PA
Some You Win, Some You Lose: 40 years of Happiness and Heartbreak Developing
New Plants


PLUS Special Guest Speaker

Michael Steinhardt
Steinhardt Management Co., Inc.
New York, NY
Thoughts of an Amateur Gardener

Don’t miss a special presentation by Michael Steinhardt, hedge fund titan, financier, investor, newspaper publisher and philanthropist. Coined as Wall Street’s greatest trader, Steinhardt’s country estate houses one of the world’s largest private zoos and gardens that rivals anything 
you might see in a public botanical garden.

From hedge funds to hedges, it’s a long way from his legendary days on Wall Street. Steinhardt now pours his energies in his collection of plants and animals from around the world. Featured in the Feb. 2014 issue of Forbes magazine, Michael’s Menagerie (his 57-acre estate in Bedford, NY), he stated,“[my garden is] the only physical possession in my life from which I really derive great pleasure.”

To view Steinhardt's Forbes Magazine Cover Article "Wall Street's Greatest Trader is Back and He's Reinventing Investing Again", Click Here.

To view the Forbes Magazine article "Michael's Menagerie", Click Here.

Learn more about Michael Steinhardt in this interview with Martha Stewart.


Special thanks to Don Shadow, Shadow Nursery, Winchester, TN, for his commitment and tireless effort in making this 13th Southern Plant Conference another stellar event!

Thank you Don!

Don Shadow presenting 2013 Don Shadow Award of Excellence to Rick Crowder.

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